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Join hundreds of health conscious people for the virtual summit guaranteed to reveal the weight loss obstacles that have been keeping you tired, stuck and not losing weight. 

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Weight Loss Reboot
Summit | 2022

January 17

When the scale is stuck,
you can count on science.

Get close and personal with an intimate group of nutrition experts, researchers and scientists joining together to help you tackle the issues holding you back from losing weight and feeling your best. 

During this one day, weight loss intensive of Live Virtual Talks and Expert Q&As you’ll learn what you’ve been missing, the scientific secrets of how to finally lose weight and go from frustrated to feeling fantastic in the coming weeks.  

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Join us for this LIVE VIRTUAL CONFERENCE and make this the month that everything changes.  

You’re Going To Learn…

Specifics of why you aren’t losing weight & how to adjust your mindset and lifestyle, to take back control, including how to get:

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Propel your weight loss with insights, answers and science to the question, “Why can’t I lose weight?”
No fluff-just facts


We handpicked all-star experts in testing, science and nutrition. Eliminate diet guessing. This works. 


These experts are giving their knowledge and expertise to help you lose weight. 


Watch the sessions from anywhere. Can’t make it to all the sessions? No problem. Sessions will be recorded. 

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Meet Your Team of Experts...

Nutritional, behavioral and research experts come together to share their knowledge and years of experience with you. They want to stop your frustration by teaching you what you need to know to start dropping pounds immediately.

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Reclaim your Health with a Revolutionary Weight Loss Program

7 AM PST / 10 AM EST
Dave D’Angelo

Regional Sales Manager - Biotics Research

Dave D’Angelo is a seasoned professional with 25 years of experience in the functional medicine industry.  He’s worked with and educated thousands of healthcare providers on specific protocols that provides positive impact on improving patient’s health and quality of life.       

Introduction to Food Sensitivity and how KBMO's Patented Approach Helps Weight Loss

7:30 AM PST / 10:30 AM EST
James White 

Chief Executive Officer - KBMO diagnostics

Over 20 years of Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical experience working globally launching a range of innovative products to help with cardiovascular disease ranging from multiplex molecular diagnostic instruments and assays thru to Point of Care blood gas solutions.

New You in 22

8 AM PST / 11 AM EST
Mike Gallagher 

Health Professional Education - Nutritional Frontiers

Mike Gallagher is a graduate of Slippery Rock University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management. He is also certified as a Lifestyle Educator. In 2010 he started with Nutritional Frontiers educating healthcare professionals and doctors implementing wellness programs and changing peoples lives for the better.

Detection of Insulin Resistance and Pre-Diabetes in Weight Gain and Heart Disease

8:30 AM PST / 11:30 AM EST
Kenneth W. French

Senior Clinical Consultant, Cardiometabolic - Quest Diagnostics

Mr. French brings over 20 years of laboratory/diagnostic industry experience as a senior clinical consultant helping patients battle cardiometabolic diseases while helping guide them towards living a healthier lifestyle.

Cardiometabolic Account Executive - ​Cleveland HeartLab

Katherine has been with Quest Diagnostics for 7 years, working with many specialties and now focusing on Cardio Metabolic and Endocrine testing. Her passion and focus is to help individuals with understanding how important it is to have preventative testing to sustain a healthier life longer.      

Hormone Balance: The Key to Joy, Intimacy and Renewed Confidence In Your Body

9 AM PST / 12 PM EST
Dr. Susan Plank

Dr. Susan Plank uses specialized hormone testing to take the guesswork out of weight loss. She has been in practice for 30 years and has helped thousands of people go from feeling frustrated to fantastic in less than thirty days.

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